World War IDS Navarra

DS Navarra was set on fire by the German U-boat U-48 on March 7, 1917, off Scilly. The ship was en route from Gothenburg to Nantes carrying timber and paper. The entire crew of 19 persons lost their lives in the shipwreck. On March 11, a lifeboat from the ship was found at Black Head with two dead persons.

Among the 19 on board, there were reportedly 12 persons from Norway, 4 from Finland, and 3 from Sweden. For the sailors whose nationality is uncertain, “Unknown nationality” is specified. However, they are either from Norway, Finland, or Sweden.

(Sources: Sjø, Vestfold Arbeiderblad, 17.03.1917)

About DS Navarra

  • Nationality


  • Built


  • Wrecked


  • Carrier

    Fearnley & Eger, Kristiania

  • Tonnage

    2180 dvt